Friday, December 9, 2011

Twitter switched to new look after they switched to new HeadQuarters

Twitter switched to a new look for its website, iOS, Android applications and even for the TweetDeck. In the new headquarters, twitter is going to have four times of the staff than their current number.

Yesterday, 8th December 2011, twitter has started their future vision in the new design, "It will take several weeks - but the early reactions are generally positive ", twitter quoted.

From June new Twitter HQ will become active in San Francisco about 215000 square feet in the historic Art Deco building.

CEO Dick Costolo stated twitter staff will be increasing to 3000 from 700 in the forthcoming year.

To apply the new design, you need to login to twitter using your apple devices(iphone, ipad, iOs) just click on update or install button, then check the twitter website.

Note: According to survey conducted by Mashable, new look is appraised by 41.38%  (562 votes) of people in the last two days.


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