Thursday, December 8, 2011

Indian government requests 358 items to removed from Google

According to the Transparency Report released by Google, Indian Government has requested to remove 358 pages, which includes removal of 5 items from Google websearch,1 from Google Earth, Google Maps and Panoramio, 48 from YouTube, 264 from Orkut, 39 from Blogger and 1 from Picasa Web Albums.

Google quoted "We received requests from state and local law enforcement agencies to remove YouTube videos that displayed protests against social leaders or used offensive language in reference to religious leaders. We declined the majority of these requests and only locally restricted videos that appeared to violate local laws prohibiting speech that could incite enmity between communities. In addition, we received a request from a local law enforcement agency to remove 236 communities and profiles from orkut that were critical of a local politician. We did not comply with this request, since the content did not violate our Community Standards or local law."

Among all the countries, there are 68 requests from India, 51% of removal for partial or complete removal in the 358 pages.


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