Monday, December 19, 2011

Volunia an alternate to Google expected to be release this month

 Volunia is a search engine from the italian mathematician Massimo Marchiori, one among the contributor to WWW and Google. We know that Google search works based on the pagerank, where the volunia is going to work based on the Hyper Search.

"Search engines haven't changed much in the last years: time has arrived for a radical change. Volunia brings a completely new perspective, bringing forward a vision on the search engine of the future", Massimo Marchiori quoted.  The initial version will be in 12 different languages. Before the public launch, Volunia will start as an invite-only service and based on the response from them, the search engine is going to develop its features, on November 1st the volunia, starts their testing and the release will be in this month before the end of the year.


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