Sunday, October 7, 2012

How to earn money with torrent files?

Sometimes you download some music and film files from torrent website. You may not understand how the up loaders make money with their torrent files.

Most uploader’s don’t make money, they do it for personal values (sharing) and earning respect. 

You can make money in a variety of ways, you may develop your own private BitTorrent website with it’s own private trackers, which give users the illusion of privacy & security. You could do this buy requiring an “invite”, charging $x.xx for 2 invites, one for himself and one for a friend.If you can find an affiliate, you can always advertise by including a text or image file in your torrents about the affiliate. If your torrents get really popular, they will most likely pay you for your advertising.

Another possibility through an affiliate program, if you have a decent connection speed (especially upload) you could setup a computer on your network as a seed box. This is where the system’s main duty is simply to upload the torrent data to other users. You will usually need at least a consistent 2GB/upload speed.

You could use the CPA password method, which is generally frowned upon in the P2P community. This method involves password protecting an archieve and only giving a link to where the password is, the link itself is usually something like Share cash or some service that pays you for the amount of people who visit your link.


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