Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to remove the navigation bar on blogger?

There are lot of bloggers face this problem, the navigation bar is coming on the top of my blog.
It doesn't look professional, i want to remove it or hide the navigation bar.
Have you ever taught of getting some spaces in the top, since most of the heatmaps will scan your website or blog at the top only.

The procees of removing the navigation bar will take very few minutes, it is so easier than it looks.

1. Login to your blogger dashboard and choose the blog, you want to remove the navigation bar

2. Click on the “Template”

3. Customize

4. Go to the Add your own css option

#navbar {
display: none;

Just paste this code over there and that's it, you have done with it.

Now take a look at your blog without the navigation bar. :-)


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